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Firm Vision & History

Being able to leverage many years of specialized experience which includes enterprise/asset valuations, M&A, statutory interpretation, commercial deals, international fiscal/tax regimes, contract evaluation, financial analysis, negotiations, technical research, strategy development, leadership and project management, enables Tenet Law to provide clients with more than just legal services, but a true business-development oriented approach. 

Broad legal experience working with an international consulting company and private practice work with a corporate law firm focusing on commercial contracts, M&A, civil litigation, negotiations, immigration, employment/labour matters and other practice areas, serving clients in the tech, construction, energy, consumer products, chemicals, and professional services sectors, enables our clients to pursue their business development strategies, whether simple or complex, with utmost confidence.

Possessing distinct international public sector experience gained through providing multi-lingual legal research, document drafting, and advisory support to the UN Office of Legal Affairs and UN Office of Counter-Terrorism which focused on multilateral legal treatises, parliamentary frameworks, international commercial law, litigation, and ADR methods, provides our clients with unique and diverse perspectives to ensure that their ideas address the challenges of a global business environment.


Having contributed as a volunteer for many years to a variety of social causes and community engagement initiatives through both active civil service and Board of Directors memberships in non-profit organizations, the recognition that the legal profession has an accountability to ensure a more sustainable, inclusive and accessible approach to essential services for all individuals and organizations forms a key part of the foundational culture at Tenet Law. 

Alexander Slonim Lawyer

Alexander Slonim

As an experienced legal, commercial and corporate finance professional with experience in both private and public sectors, I founded Tenet Law in order to provide the next generation of integrated services to clients to enable a more flexible, comprehensive, insightful and dynamic service approach.

The prior career experience I gained having worked for an international consulting firm, micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs), a multi-national energy company, and a global inter-governmental organization in a variety of industries including construction, conventional/renewable energy, IT, retail, non-profit, hospitality, and emergency response has allowed me to build a distinctly unique and adaptive skillset to assist both individual and business clients in solving a variety of complex issues and developing effective business strategies.

Being a world traveler (explored 30+ countries) and actively enjoying water sports, cycling, auto racing, tennis, wreck diving, mountaineering, snowboarding, aerial drone photography, digital content creation, gastronomy, wine/scotch tasting, and art investments, enables me to develop both business and personal connections with a diverse and inclusive client base.

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